I Have A Chevrolet Colorado For The Next Week

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I must be a bad Texan because deep down, I'm not really a truck guy. I get why they're great and why so many people depend on them for work, but I don't enjoy driving most trucks.


Except for the Chevy Colorado. So far, it's a truck I like, simply for the fact that it's not gigantic. Not every truck needs to be a lifted F-550 Compensation Edition capable of towing a small moon. Sometimes, smaller trucks get the job done just fine.

This is a Colorado Crew Cab Z71 Short Box with 4WD. Options include the Bose audio system, MyLink eight-inch multimedia system, spray-on bed liner and trailering package, bringing the price to a not-bad $36,710.

Things I like: It's a good-looking truck, it's comfortable and modern inside, it's got a smooth ride, 3.6-liter V6 provides ample acceleration, it's small and therefore super easy to drive around town.

Things I don't like as much: It's still not a real small truck like we all want, my fun-sized 5'1" wife finds it hard to get in and out of without a step (although that's her problem, not mine) and maybe it's close enough in size and price to the Silverado to make that the better option? I don't know.

Expect some kind of review soon. I'm also due to get a GMC Canyon soon, so I'm eager to compare the two. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions about it and I'll answer them as I can.

Also, anyone in the greater Austin area know where I can take this thing for some light off-roading?



Mid-size truck with a short bed. Have fun putting anything in it. No, seriously. I'm not making the statement to be a douche, as I agree that lifted/gigantic trucks are idiotic. But think about why people buy trucks vice an SUV or sedan. So they can put stuff in the bed that they don't want and/or won't fit in an SUV or sedan. Motorcycle in that bed? Nope. Prolly won't even fit diagonally.....which some peeps do with short bed full size pickups, and is the most dangerous thing you can do. I mean, sure....it's safer (for the guy following you) to put it in there diagonally vice letting the rear tire sit on an open tailgate.....but diagonally is just asking for trouble. Unless you're putting yard waste in there, or filling up on leaky bags of sod, there's nothing that you can fit in a mid-size short bed that you can't fit in the back of an SUV. Little trucks are silly. Get a full size and use it for what it was made for.