I Have A Big Prize For The Guy Who Found My Beetle

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Some of you may recall that a while back, I had my longtime automotive companion '73 Beetle stolen, and then recovered thanks to the amazing work of our readers. I've felt like I had a debt to pay, and I finally am able to. So, SFMikee, want to hear about your prize?

I should explain what SFMikee did in more detail, and mention the other crucial player in the recovery of my beloved Beetle. First, a photo — with no text, no location information or anything — was taken by a reader named Jake, who was also crucial to my car's recovery. He didn't realize how important knowing where the car was would be to me, and was on his way to work, so he was a mystery for a while.


That photo was the first piece. What SFMikee did next — something the LAPD told me couldn't be done — was to actually figure out where in LA the stripped and battered car was, with absolutely minimal information, using only Google maps, brains, and luck. But he figured it out, sent in the info, and that night I was re-united with my car.

SFMikee is also around the Bay area, which was the deciding factor in him getting this prize. So, sorry Jake — I'll still see if there's a way to repay you, though.

But, SFMikee, here's what I have for you: a chance for you to head over to nearby Sonoma Raceway and drive an Audi R8 on the track, with instructions. It's the Audi R8 Introduction Program, and I want you to do it, on us. Well, really on Audi, since this is what I won for the Audi hypermiling challenge, but I want you, SFMikee, to have it.


Sonoma's a great track, the R8 is an absolute blast, and you deserve this.

So, email me (jason AT jalopnik.com) and I'll get you the details. You'll have to get to Sonoma on your own and all that, but I think you're not far away, right?


Thanks again for all you did.

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Torch...class act move to show appreciation...I am glad your Beetle was returned (and read of saga originally intently)...and am glad that you are doing a solid for SF.

You sir, win today...