I Guess You Have To Kind Of Admire Being This Upbeat About Trashing A Tesla Model S Plaid At A Track Day

It does show a use of the word "outstanding" that I haven't previously been familiar with

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Screenshot: Twitter

I have to admit, whatever my issues are and clashes have been with the Greater Online Tesla-Adoring Confederacy, you can’t say that there isn’t a certain appeal to having something in your life that can simply do no wrong, and Tesla certainly seems to provide that for many people. That’s the only way I can explain this delightfully optimistic response to a nearly-brand-new $130,000 car turned into a mangled heap covered in skidmarks.

The reason that Tesla Model S Plaid encountered such a violently rapid and dramatic re-design courtesy of a tire wall was because the Tesla was being driven with vigor at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park, where it eventually cooked its brakes and went off into the tire wall.

Here’s the tweet that shows the confusingly upbeat response


Some of the words used describing various details of this crash: “did freakin’ great,” “good to go!“pretty awesome, man,” and, of course, “outstanding.”

And while there are some aspects of this wreck where praise makes sense—the driver walked away from the crash fine, for example, I’m not so sure I’d be as thrilled in this context.


We all know the 1,020 hp Plaid is stupid fast, and while fast is generally good on a track, it’s by no means the only thing important on a track. Being able to slow down (you know, anti-fast) or stop is a pretty big deal, too.

The Plaid is a 5,000 plus pound car that’s designed to be quick and comfortable on highways and normal public roads. It’s also a car that normally relies on electric regeneration for a good portion of its stopping abilities.


Based on the video there, it appears the Tesla Model S Plaid that ate tire was running on stock wheels and brakes, with the aero covers even still on the wheels, something that’s great to help with range but not so great for brake cooling.

I’m all for people taking their cars to tracks—enjoy your cars! But there’s a lot to be said for understanding the brutal realities of track driving. If you’re going to put resources into anything, it should be safety equipment and brakes first.


Personally, I’d swap out that dumb yoke, too, but that’s me. Maybe I just don’t have the capacity to really appreciate “outstanding” things.