I Got This Bitchin' Camaro For The Next Week

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And I'll be blasting a lot of this through its stereo.

It's not a ZL1 or a Z/28, though it could be mistaken for either by those not in the Camaro-know.


This is 2014 Camaro SS with the $3,500 1LE performance package, which includes an enhanced suspension, 20 inch wheels, a matte black hood and rear spoiler, a 3.91 rear axle, a special TREMEC close-ratio six-speed manual, and some other goodies. It also has some sweet Recaro sport seats. Power from the 6.2-liter V8 remains unchanged at 426 horses.

Sticker's $40,340 and it's a hell of a lot of fun.

Things I like: It's very quick; it handles surprisingly well despite its weight; shifts are short, tight and fantastic; both the V8 engine and the exhaust are delightful to the ears; come on, it just looks so badass!

Things I don't like as much: Its heft takes some getting used to; clutch is a bit on the grabby side; interior materials aren't quite as good as some of Chevy's newer cars; outward visibility isn't great.

I'm really digging it so far. Expect a full review next week. Feel free to ask some questions now and I'll get to them as I can.



Looks like mine. Did you get the performance exhaust with it? That alone makes the car sound great.