I Doubt I'm Going To Look At This, But If I Did, What Do You Want To Know About The New Volkswagen Camper Van?

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Look, I’ll be honest here: I’m in Nova Scotia with our own David Tracy in a wonderful new Volkswagen camper van you can’t get in America no matter how loud you scream about it. And internet connectivity is pretty spotty, so the chances I’m going to be able to look at what you’d like me to cover are, well, pretty slim. Sorry. I mean, I’m going to try, but I like you all way, way too much to lie to you.

That said, what would you like to see?

Technically, these vehicles are known as the Volkswagen Transporter T6 California, I think. Some of the material calls them the 6.1 because it’s a slight update to the one I covered last year, which you may recall from this video:

This new version is very similar, but there have been some notable updates: there’s a new LCD screen that controls the roof opening and a whole bunch of other camper functions, it’s got a facelift and some new interior materials, and there’s some new versions, like the California Beach edition, which somehow manages to make the whole galley/kitchen assembly just fold up into the side of the interior:


How the hell are they doing that? That’s some dark, dark magic right there.

I won’t lie, I love these little mobile rooms on wheels. I’m writing this now in the parking lot of some Canadian supermarket I’ve never heard of (Sobeys?), sitting comfortably by a table, with plenty of room, even as David shoves an obscenely large pickle into his face:

Oh, and deviled eggs, too. Dude bought a whole tray of them and is eating them like goddamn M&Ms. I shit you not. You should see this. It’s astounding.

Also, a fun fact! When you do the Heimlich on someone who’s just eaten eight deviled eggs, they go shooting out so fast.


While we’re here we’ve also been promised access to the California’s bigger brother, the Crafter-based camper, so we’ll get details on that for you.

We’re considering trying to spend a full 24 hours completely inside the van. Maybe we can pull that off? I’ll try and show all the new features and recap the carryover stuff, but campers are such fascinating-everything-folds-into-something things I think it’ll be fun.


So, what should I focus on? Again, I likely won’t see these in time, but, ahh, maybe I will? I’ll try. That’s the best I can promise.

Sound good? Fire away!

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