Traveling by car is much more convenient that traveling by train here on the East Coast, if you drive only between the hours of 2 AM and 5 AM, avoiding all traffic.


5th Gear: NYC Taxi Workers Alliance On Day Nine Of City Hall Protest

The taxi workers still aren’t getting fair treatment by the city and state governments here in New York, with big money going to predatory debtors instead. We are on day nine of protests at City Hall. We stand with the Taxi Workers Alliance!


Reverse: First Model T Built

Via The Henry Ford:

This is the Ford Motor Company record of the very first Model T which was assembled on September 27, 1908 at the Piquette plant in Detroit. The production card lists it as Model 2090, car #1. It had 4 cylinders, 2 levers (the second for reverse) and 2 foot pedals. 1,000 of these early T’s were produced.


Neutral: How Are Your Projects?

I decided to overhaul the SunTour Alpha 5000 rear derailleur on the ‘87 Fuji Sundance I hauled out of a neighborhood trash, and I’m somewhat convinced that while releasing the main pivot spring, a little retaining plate flew off my porch into a bush. Wish me luck in finding it.