Photos: Cardi

You have to be brave to look at an Aston Martin DB9, what many people hold to be one of the greatest examples of automotive design ever, and think you could do a better job. Unsurprisingly, a design studio in Russia thinks just that, and I actually don’t hate it.

This is the Cardi Concept 442, the result of a Russian design studio that wants to take an iconic Aston Martin DB9 and turn it into a literal land yacht. And I rather enjoy its looks.

Overall this is a fairly simple design. It has very neat lines, including a beautiful single arch stretching from the nose to the tail accented with a chrome strip that sits flush with the body, and some interesting and probably divisive chrome accenting in the fascia and rear design that I happen to like.


Cardi plans to take the DB9, which is no longer in production, and completely replace every exterior panel, as well as throw in a new custom interior. Part of the design change involves removing the DB9's B-pillar, which actually makes me question why it was there to begin with.

Aston Martin once made a boat, and now someone has turned a boat into an Aston Martin. I love the adaptation of nautical design cues, including the wood interior and and large, smooth panels.


I genuinely think if I had currently had a DB9 that I’ve owned for a few years, I just might be okay with giving it a new lease on life. Is that heresy? Do I care? No.

I just can’t help think it should be a cabriolet?


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