Yeah, that’s maddening.

It’d be one thing if the chime came on at, say, 100 mph or so, but this is 64 mph! That’s under the speed limit even here in chronically sluggish America. Any common 6-hour road trip taken here in the U.S. in such an AE86 would be done to a soundtrack that’s essentially just like an alarm clock you want to fling at a wall.


Being a human, Banpei did figure out a way to disable the chime with a kill switch:

I can respect the preservationists’ desire to preserve all of the quirks of a car, and I can respect the Initial D fans positive associations with the chime, but I can’t help but think that anyone who doesn’t find a constant dinging when they’re going a pretty tepid 64 mph is doing a remarkable job of deluding themselves.


As Banpei pointed out to us in an email about his video

Reading through the comments I can safely conclude that people either love it or hate it. The love-camp is clearly Initial D biassed, while the hate-camp is clearly petrolhead.


My guess is that will prove true here, with our heavily petrol/gearhead-leaning site probably coming down against speed chimes. I guess we’ll see if nostalgia beats the desire to fling beeping things at walls.