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I Do Not Love Anything as Much as Audi Loves Its New Partial Matte Paint

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today Audi announced that it is putting “partial matting into volume production,” with an option to get small patch of the Q2 crossover in a matte paint. I was going to make fun of it for being like, 10 years too late to matte paint being daring, but I am over the moon with how much Audi loves this stuff.


Again, the only thing is that Audi Q2 buyers will be able to get the D-pillar of their car in a matte finish, like how you can get the sideblade of an Audi R8 in a matte finish. You might be thinking that this isn’t exactly a world-changing development in the automotive world. But you’re not Audi.

I will quote from Audi’s press release, the full text of which is available here:

“With this process, we have gained a great advantage over our competitors,” says Dr. Erhard Brandl, Head of Sheet Metal/Painting Technology Development.


Hell yes, Dr. Brandl. This is what’s finally going to send BMW packing.

Amazingly, the press release continued that this is Some Shit, Y’All:

With partial matting, every micrometer counts: The spray force must not be too high, otherwise the underlying layer of paint would be damaged. “Now, for the first time, we have succeeded in combining this extreme precision with the robustness of volume production,” explains Marco Karig, project manager at Audi Planung GmbH.

Honestly, I love this. The passion is real at Audi, even for the little things.