I Dare Porsche to Actually Build this Stunning 917 Concept

Photo: Porsche

Porsche unveiled a photo of this 917 concept in March to mark the 50th anniversary of the unveiling of the original 917, back in 1969. It released new photos of the model today and it’s really too bad they don’t have the guts to actually build the thing.

A team of 20 Porsche engineers and designers produced this concept back in 2013, but it’s only been seen within the company’s walls. Porsche put the model into storage in 2014, but pulled it out for the upcoming anniversary show “Colours of Speed—50 Years of the 917" at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart this month, per Carscoops.


But instead of showing off a lifeless lump of clay, what Porsche should really do is make an operational example. If only they had the spine.

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