I Can't Wait To Pretend To Buy This Lego Ford GT And GT40 Set For My Kids

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Is there no better toy for young kids (or adults) than Lego? That was a rhetorical question, of course—there isn’t. Until you step on one with bare feet. Now you can build two legendary Ford race cars, the iconic GT40 and current GT, without going broke!

Lego has introduced a new set to the Speed Champions line, which is more accessible and a bit more affordable than the Technic line of Lego that can run up to $300 for a replica of a Porsche 911 GT3.


This Ford twin pack has both the legendary GT40 and the current Ford GT race car. Lego has only announced prices for the new set in Euros €34.99 ($37.16), but these should retail for about $30 or so when compared to similar two car sets. That’s a bargain for two awesome Ford race cars that you can race, crash, and put back together. You could even build a crazy GT/GT40 restomod!

Sadly the Ford GT and GT40 set won’t be available in the US in time for Christmas, you will have to wait until March 1st.