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I Can't Think of a Single Reason Why You Shouldn't Drive a Corvette Grand Sport In a Snow Storm

Illustration for article titled I Cant Think of a Single Reason Why You Shouldnt Drive a Corvette Grand Sport In a Snow Storm

When you have a small collection of extremely valuable vintage race cars that you’ve assembled into a public museum, presumably for the tax benefits, the least you could do is occasionally take those vintage race cars out into the parking lot for a rip around and allow the proles to line up for the opportunity to view a car they’ve only previously dreamed of. Thankfully, that’s exactly what the Simeone museum does. And they do it no matter the weather.


This Corvette Grand Sport is said to be the only one in original unrestored condition. And one of only two built in topless configuration. The car was previously vintage raced, and the guy who raced it built an exact replica body for it so that the original fiberglass would not be damaged on track. The car now wears that original fiberglass again, and the replica body is held on display in the museum next to the car and its spare exact replica engine.

Being the most original example of the iconic Corvette Grand Sport makes this car definitely worthy of holding court in a prestigious museum collection, but the fact that it was built to be a rip roaring race car, and isn’t being raced against other race cars makes me a little bit sad. This little jaunt around a parking lot “race” course feels a little like a consolation prize.


To paraphrase the great Dr. Alan Grant from the 1993 documentary Jurassic Park, “Corvette Grand Sport doesn’t want to be fed, it wants to hunt. Can’t just suppress 56 years of gut instinct.”

Let the Corvette hunt!

Via: Hagerty

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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Shinobu DC2

I am the kind of person that if I bought an NSX, I would track it. Race it. Wheel to wheel. I wouldn’t think twice about the aluminum body being dented and impossibly expensive to repair. I wouldn’t worry about the value plummeting. I would want to toss it around all the same, because that’s what it was made to do. If you are afraid to thrash your car - buy a different car. In part, that’s why I have a 94 Integra non-R and why many others track cars like Ford Focus hatch, Nissan Sentra, Honda Civic, Subaru BRZ, etc. and gentleman racing aka time trials guys are usually the ones in Jaguar, 911, Corvette, Lotus, etc.