I Can't Stop Watching This Mega-Cut Of Track Fails

Tires squeal. A cloud of dust gently rolls over the car at its point of impact. Bits of grass and dirt fling into the car. Ladies and gentlemen, the track "off." Here's over eighteen minutes of offs for your viewing enjoyment.

Everyone who's seen significant amounts of track time has had an off. That's one way to find out where the limit of a car is: by going over it. Clearly, there are more consequences when walls are involved, but luckily for us, most of the tracks in Texas have a ton of run-off area.


I like to claim that I'm not driving above the limits of my car's grip and/or my talent, but rather, I'm saving the facilities in lawn care via the Lulzcer Mowing Service.

This video is of two brothers who like to turn laps around Harris Hill Raceway just outside of San Marcos, Texas. One is in a Miata, and the other in an S2000. Both admit to being track newbies, which means that it's not necessarily a fail video (okay, it is, and it's even labelled as such), but rather, a compilation of learning experiences.

The slo-mo at 2:55 is probably the best. It's such a neat little band of dirt being flung over the car! Like a gentle ocean wave made of dust!

Bonus: 7:15 shows a nice wipe-out to today's Traffic Jam.


Laugh all you'd like, but this is absolutely doing it right if you have a S2000 or a Miata. These two drivers are pretty evenly matched and have an obscene amount of fun whenever they're out there. Go hoon, have your offs and enjoy a driver's car in its natural habitat.

I should be doing other things today, but no. A mega-compilation of track spins is a thing that exists.


This is the track where I always go to blow off steam, so I know many of these off-track locations intimately...as does my car. Haha.

{ giggles }

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