Exponent is an engineering and consulting services corporation that, among other things, does its own crash testing. Some of those tests are rather mundane, and some of them involve making a pickup truck flip four times in a row. I can’t stop watching any of them.

Here’s that Toyota pickup crash:

Here’s a Ram pickup barreling into a bollard:

Here’s a pickup that’s been lit on fire:

And again, this time in slow motion:

Here’s an analysis of the infamous Porsche 550 Spyder crash that killed James Dean:

This is just an enormous car rotisserie:

“I’d like to know what it looks like when two people launch themselves over their bike handlebars,” someone said:

“Yes, but instead of launching them into a net, can we launch them into a car?”

In this case, someone clearly just demanded to see a school bus drift:

And this one, we can all agree, needs zero explanation:

Here, in 31 seconds, is the story of my life:

Clear out your schedule. I’m already watching these on repeat.


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