I Am Indy: The Parade's The Thing, Part II — Ray's A Maniac, Maniac, In The Car

This is the part where Ray went crazy. And we don't mean the crazy like the crap we pulled earlier in the day. You see, being in a parade is much different than watching a parade. You have unimaginable powers. The whole crowd is watching you, and they're just waiting to be excited. I learned this when Ray hopped aboard the parade car while it was still moving and proceeded to whip the crushing sea of humanity into a near-bloodthirsty frenzy. Just watch it and be amazed. Also, keep in mind that we had no justifiable reason to be in the parade and nobody had any idea who were — oh and we were right in front of the 'Row 1' cars at the end of the parade. Oy. But we digress...


...before Ray climbed on, I was rushed into a 1928 Packard, and we snuck into the parade line — as I said before —right in front of the Row 1 drivers. Despite this seemingly primo spot, back seat passengers Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl of Trans-Americas Journey were totally ignored by all the PA announcers, as was Team Jalopnik. But, being hangers on, we didn't really mind.

But wait, there's even more awesome to this tale. There was a "TV Zone" in the parade where all of the cameras are focused. And, since we were right in front of the important part of the parade, there was no way we wouldn't be on TV. So upon entering the TV Zone I whipped out the "You're with me, leather" logo and prominently displayed it on the side of the car. Before Ray jumped in to the moving car, he reports that the boom camera at the TV Zone entrance was pointed in our direction and had the red light on. Can someone confirm if we actually made it to broadcast, please?

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