If you're in the venn diagram overlap of Android users, smartwatch owners, and Hyundai drivers, a new app coming next year will let you do everything from finding your car and flashing the lights to remotely starting it and unlocking the doors.

The app basically ports the same features as the Hyundai Blue Link smartphone app to Android Wear smartwatches, connecting to the phone over Bluetooth and letting the owner use either voice commands or the watch's touchscreen to perform a handful of tasks.

The voice-activated features include remote engine start and stop, remote locking and unlocking, flashing the lights and honking the horn, calling roadside assistance or Blue Link's telematics service, and displaying a map of where the car is located.


Owners would simply tap the screen and say "lock my car" or "start the engine" and with the smartphone app connected to the watch, the command would be sent through the phone to the vehicle.

Hyundai says the Blue Link smartwatch app works on the latest devices from Samsung, Motorola, Sony, and LG, and will be available to download in the first quarter of the year. The app will work with cars equipped with the next generation Blue Link system – set to debut on the 2016 Elantra GT and Veloster – but more importantly owners of first-gen Blue Link cars (originally introduced in 2012) will be able to use the smartwatch app rather than having to upgrade their multimedia system. Smart.


And it looks like they're even making a custom watchface.