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Hyundai Wants You To Drive Around With Holograms In Your Car

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hyundai didn’t plan too far ahead when it came to dealerships for its Genesis luxury brand, but it’s looking way into the future on something much more important: holograms in cars. Holograms? Holograms. Holograms, like a wispy version of your significant other, sitting in a passenger seat next to you.

That’s what Hyundai Motor Group vice chairperson Chung Eui-sun said in a recent Q&A with Bloomberg, at least. There was a lot of “mobility” talk and some stuff about how bugs are inspiring Hyundai’s design choices. (The insect look worked for the LaFerrari, but a Sonata?) The most surprising part of the interview came when Chung said Hyundai wants to get ahead of everyone else in terms of holograms—holograms of actual people.


Here’s what he said Hyundai’s envisioning, from Bloomberg:

What kind of “Wow!” technology does Hyundai have that can you share with us?

We’d like to be far ahead of everyone else in hologram technology. We are working on holograms that can be displayed inside the car on dashboards and even in the passenger seats. It can be controlled with voice system. While you are driving, a secretary or wife can be sitting next to you as a hologram.


Perhaps it’s just the thought that the world will one day succumb to robot overlords that makes that idea seem so weird, or maybe it’s Chung’s male-centric wording in talking about it—as if voice-commanded car holograms could be the near ultimate tech-bro power fantasy.

“Sit, wife,” a future male Hyundai driver will say. “Talk.”

Too much talking?

“That’s enough, wife.”

Her hologram dissipates faster than he can snap his fingers.

What an exciting future we’re in store for, where we can have all of our closest friends and relatives around whenever we’re bored on a work commute, and where we can wish them away with the ease of a voice command.