Hyundai Plans Genesis Luxury SUVs And Coupe By 2020

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Today Hyundai’s new Genesis brand launched its first car, the Genesis G90 replacement for the old Hyundai Equus. And it looks like they announced their plans for future Genesis-es as well.


Automotive News reported that Genesis will get six model lineups by 2020. However, they did not report what those vehicles will be. For that you have to go to Hyundai’s Korean-language press release. I only found this accidentally while looking for high-res pictures on Hyundai’s corporate site. Here’s the key detail, poorly translated by Google:

지난달 제네시스 브랜드 출범 이후 처음 출시된 ‘EQ900’는 제네시스가 2020년까지 구축할 총 6종 라인업(-중형 럭셔리 세단 -대형 럭셔리 세단 -초대형 럭셔리 세단 -중형 럭셔리 SUV -대형 럭셔리 SUV -고급 스포츠형 쿠페) 중 최상위 클래스에 속하는 ‘초대형 럭셔리 세단’이다.

Last month, the Genesis brand first launched after the launch of ‘EQ900’ total six kinds lineup to Genesis is built until 2020 (- midsize luxury sedans - a large luxury sedan - super luxury sedan - Small Luxury SUV - a large luxury SUV - luxury sport-type coupe) the fall in the top class of super luxury sedan.

Hm, so there will be not one, but two SUVs as others had predicted. I suspect that these things will be more like crossovers than SUVs, but if Genesis turns out a leather-trimmed and refreshed Galloper I won’t be mad.

The coupe is also interesting, as Hyundai execs were somewhat reluctant to tell us whether or not they’d make such a car when we last asked them about it. Mike Ballaban and I pestered a few Hyundai people when they debuted the big ‘it’s not an S-class’ Vision G concept around Pebble Beach this year.

You can read Hyundai’s full press release on their 2020 plans right here. I helps if you understand Korean.


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Ratchet when he's all hopped up on synthetic energon

I like every thing about this, other than the INSIPID letter-numbers naming scheme that every luxury maker thinks is tits right now. Fuck that shit. Equus is a *way* better name than “G90”. G90 should be a chassis code, not a model name.