Hyperlapse Is The Perfect App For Flying

There is a lot to love about flying, in terms of natural, engineering and architectural beauty. Photos rarely do it justice, and regular videos just seem to move too slow. Enter Hyperlapse, the perfect solution for capturing flying's best moments.

Hyperlapse films smooth, stabilized time lapse videos. It's as easy as pressing one button to begin and end your recording. Once you're done filming your scene, you get to choose what speed you'd like to save it at. I usually go with 4X or 6X because anything faster just seems jumpy. Hyperlapse is meant to tie into Instagram, but it films in 16X9 and posts as a square within Instagram, which poses a problem by cropping your video. In addition, it doesn't shoot in 1080p by default, but that's adjustable in the secret settings menu. You can also share your videos directly to Facebook.

Punching through the clouds after departing Denver

Stability while shooting is a challenge, especially during takeoff and landing. I hold my phone in both hands, as if shooting a regular video, but I brace my fingertips firmly against the window, to act as a sort of shock absorber. Keep the phone level to the plane, not the ground. You want your audience to to be able to tell that the plane is rotating. You can shoot your video vertically, but I don't recommend it unless you're planning to put it on Instagram.

Landing at LAX

Hyperlapse is compatible with iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It's not available for Android devices yet, but there are alternatives such as Framelapse or Lapse It.

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Eric the RC guy

I have no plans on holding my phone up to the window for an entire flight anytime soon, but I don't disagree that this is awesome.

Also: I have the pro version of Lapse It for Android and it was worth every penny of the $5 or whatever I paid for it. Options galore for both recording and rendering videos.