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Our mate Nick Hall points out that anyone and his Uncle Enzo can build a light, fast supercar to challenge those at the top. Building a supercar that won't cause shaken-driver syndrome over anything rougher than 60 grit sandpaper is a bit more involved. That's why at the way top โ€” the mid-six-figure and up, top โ€” carmakers are giving drivers a club-room experience along with their faceful of Gs. One of those is the Ascari KZ1, a car that comes with track time at the company's own raceway in Spain. Who will benefit from the Ascari's attention to every comfort-inducing detail? Hall says:

It's a hard life, well no it isn't, and there are people that genuinely live like this, wafting from society get-together to race circuit, to polo match, the kind of men that have a blonde for the morning and a brunette to end the day. These are the kind of people that will drive a KZ1 and they indeed are the privileged few.

It gives us a warm feeling to know these guys are well taken care of. Score another one for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Billionaires.

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