Hybrid Owners More Brand Loyal Than Other Buyers, We Make Zero Smug Jokes

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An industry group we've never heard of called "Experian Automotive" is reporting this morning nearly half of hybrid vehicle owners will buy a vehicle of the same brand when they buy another one, making them some of the most loyal customers in the industry. Of course, they may not be buying a hybrid again because they're apparently not the most segment-loyal. Who is? You guessed it, pickup truck owners. The specifics, and why this could be good for GM and Ford below the jump.

Experian claims 47% of hybrid buyers choose another car from the same manufacturer, as opposed to 35% of buyers overall. Sounds like good news, but for whom? While the report may seem like a boost for Honda and Toyota — and it no doubt is — there's also a silver lining for GM and Ford. While the General doesn't have the best name recognition on its hybrid lineup, it does have two new hybrid trucks in the market starting second quarter of next year, which potentially could allow them to capitalize on the trend — especially considering over 30% of pickup buyers buy another pickup. That compares to only 25% of hybrid buyers. Similarly, the Ford Escape Hybrid has a following of its own among green-conscious buyers needing more space, arguably leading to the potential for halo sales of additional Ford products — including other SUVs of the non-hybrid variety.

Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Maybe it's not all roses, but there's an opportunity for domestic manufacturers to build a few more sales off hybrid pickup and SUV purchases. Of course, they'll both need to sell more than the token few hundred (in GMs case) or the token few thousand (in the case of Ford). [Detroit News]

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If you have to be smug about something, managing to buy the soul of your customer is probably a good option.