A self-admitted worst day fell hard on a member of GenesisOwners after he and his wife picked up his brand-spankin-new Corvette Z06. Rain, traffic and non-attentive driving resulted in a bit of freeway carnage costing over $26,000.

The couple had owned the Hyundai Genesis for 9 months and the Z06 for only a few hours when all hell broke loose on a rainy Massachusetts freeway after leaving the Chevy dealership. A quick shift in traffic necessitated a quick reversal of speed from 60 mph down to 30 mph; a change his wife unfortunately did not notice. She barreled into the rear of the Z06 which then, under the slippery conditions, ran into the car next in line, resulting in just over $16,000 in damage to the Genesis and nearly $10,000 for the Z06.

Below are some of the highlights of the Z06 repair bill:

headlamps (HID) @ $992.21 a piece x 2
impact bar & energy asorber @ $765.49
front grille @ $144.07
fog lamp assy @ $168.15
radiator assy @ $549.05
air quality sensor @ $238.50
temp sensor @ $46.29
fan assy @ $425.18
condensor @ $342.58
hood @ $614.04
fenders @ $312.28 x 2
windshield @ $785.81

The $26,000 repair estimate doesn't include the car that the Z06 hit. Add it all up and this family's got one hell of an insurance rate spike coming their way. According to Zedbuyers the "morale of the story is don't let the wife follow you, and for god's sakes don't run the front of one of these things (Z06) into anything."

We'd listen to the man. Well, about the whole running the front of one of these things into anything. The sexist drivel? Not so much. [via GenesisOwners]