Hundreds Of Unfinished Ford Broncos Are Sitting In Another Parking Lot

It's entirely possible one of you has a car in there, but I sure hope not.

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Screenshot: Bryan via Bronco6G

We’ve talked a few times about unfinished Ford Broncos languishing at “Dirt/Ice Mountain ‘’ in Michigan outside of Ford’s assembly plant. Unfortunately, it seems Dirt/Ice Mountain is now full… which means there’s now an overflow lot!

The sad discovery was first made by a Bronco6G forum user known simply as “Bryan.” According to Bryan, the lot is located in Allen Park, Michigan. According to Google Maps it’s about a 20-25 minute drive from Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne. [Ed. note: That timing is fairly accurate, from an actual Michigan resident.] I cannot say for sure, as I do not and will not live in Michigan.

“Dirt/Ice/Mud mountain must be full as I rolled by a Ford parking lot in Allen Park, it was loaded with Broncos. Many were being unload from car haulers and filling several parking lots. Didn’t count them, but would guess hundreds, they were all over some mixed in with other personal vehicles,” Bryan posted. “Anywhere there was a space they were putting a Bronco.”


Another Bronco6G user, drew707, said the lot was a temporary staging area for Broncos made without all the microchips needed to function.

Bronco6G user, GBronco, says there are similar scenes throughout all of southeast Michigan.

“There are many thousands of GM pick ups around the Flint area. EVERYWHERE,” he wrote.


This all of course stems from supply chain issues that have pretty much stunted the automotive manufacturing industry. The problem seems to somehow be worse for Ford, however. That – or the new Bronco is just so under the microscope that we notice every time something goes wrong. I’m willing to bet on the latter.

But again, this is bad news if you were looking to get the Bronco you ordered anytime soon. You may have to hold on a bit longer as your new car’s paint fades in the Michigan sun.


You can check out the whole 11 second long video here.