Hummer H2 SUT Getting Bigger?

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

The fast shutters over at KGP photography captured what looks like a Hummer HT SUT (In reality, a Hummer H2T — according to Winding Road) that's been stretched out on the rack. The fake army paint job doesn't fool them though, as they think that this is a new H2 making use of the stretched GMT-900 platform — the same used for the Suburban as opposed to the current H2, which is built on the same platform used by the Chevy Tahoe. This would give it real, truck-like powers as opposed to the current generation, which can barely hold more than two kegs. Full spy report below the jump: UPDATE: Winding Road's sources tell us this H2 SUT mule is actually a Hummer H2T, a companion to the Hummer H3T we expect to see revealed in coming months.

Judging by this prototype caught under test, it looks like the Hummer
H2 SUT is on the verge of a growth spurt. This H2 SUT tester—
parading around in what appears to be a faux army paint scheme
(complete with star)—has clearly been lengthened behind the rear
doors. It appears that a good 12-inches has been added—both fore
and aft of the rear wheel—resulting in a significant increase in
hauling capacity over the compromised bed of the current H2 SUT.


We would guess that this new, longer H2 is making use of the

stretched GMT 900 platform used on the Suburban instead of the H2's

normal Tahoe-based package. The strategy was probably deemed

necessary to properly differentiate the H2 SUT from the upcoming H3

SUT, which sports a similarly stretched bed when compared to its SUV

counterpart. If the H2 SUT has ever made any sense, it's relevance

would be severely challenged if the smaller H3 pickup actually

trumped the H2 in functionality. The General is now in the process

of rectifying this shortcoming. One now wonders if this lengthened

treatment will also be applied to the H2 SUV.

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@smokeydog001: I don't see where I stated that there should be a law against obnoxious vehicles such as this one.

Can you point out where I even implied it should be illegal to own/drive this thing or others like it?

You can't. You FAIL! at reading comprehension because you're clearly the imbecile.

Now it may come to a point in the future that such vehicles should be restricted for a number of practical reasons. If we get to the point of gas rationing, or something like that then it might be reasonable to restrict ownership or use of inefficient vehicles to tasks for which they are suited.

As it stands I've actually heard reasonable arguments against vehicles which are gas-guzzlers based on the fact that tax dollars subsidize our relatively low cost of fuel in the U.S. Individual taxpayers shell out on the average $2,700.00 each to subsidize the cost of gasoline. That works out to about $13.00 a gallon at the pump.

How can any reasonable conservative justify taxpayers footing the bill through the federal government to enhance the "lifestyle" of a few citizens who make a choice to drive these trucks/cars?

But at the moment gasoline is one of the more minor things we waste tax dollars on so it's not a big issue for me. If you want to look like a douchebag by driving an immaculate oversized and overpriced penis replacement then be my guest. I'll continue to fell superior to you for the simple reason that such purchases are an admission of inferiority on the part of the purchaser.