Hummer H2 Plant Halts Production

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AM General, the builder of the Hummer H2 for GM, announces it's temporarily laying off 200 workers and halting production of the H2 until at least March. Note the words "at least." [HummerGuy]

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Rob Emslie

And so you ask me, why I am blue

You see, I wanted to buy and H2

A HUMMER I think will complete me as a man

As for my carbon footprint, I don't give a damn

But now my heart's been broken as they've stopped making more

The ones on the dealers lots are old and dirty both of which I abhor

No, give me a fresh one that smells of plastic and oil

One that's just left the factory, built by hard labor's toil

I want it to gleam, not one mile have

I'll trade in my Prius, my milage I'll halve

I need one that hasn't been soiled by the rain

For I'm buying on Spec, it's money I'll gain

You see I believe that gas prices will drop

And then there I'll be with a Hummer, brand new, to shop

There won't be any quite as nice as is mine

And many a compensator will want one that's fine

Matt may think the Prius, with incentives is prudent

a way to make money, he's quite the econ student

But I know much better, I have an aim

For raking it in, when low gas prices are claimed

For no one expects that gas will be cheap

So I'm playing the odds, I should make a heap

When selling my HUMMER, of course I could be wrong

And if so I'll be selling another hummer, one with a dong