Huge Layoffs Reportedly Hit Tiny Electric Car Maker Coda

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Coda Automotive, the wee little electric car maker that could, sounds like it can't.

Reports are coming in that the small California based company laid off 50 people last Friday, including the company's spokeswoman Larkin Hill.


Hill told that she was "not able to talk on behalf of Coda anymore."

Coda's small electric car went on sale in March for $37,250 has apparently sold fewer than 100 units. It was also recalled in August for some faulty safety equipment. Sales since then have been virtually none.


It is being reported that Coda has laid off nearly everyone they could in order to keep the doors open and the lights on. What this means for the future of the little Chinese-made sedan is unclear, but it certainly can't be positive.

(Hat Tip to @nytjamescobb!)