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HSV Maloo R8 Ute On Sale In Oz

Illustration for article titled HSV Maloo R8 Ute On Sale In Oz

We're posting this out of raw spite, lust and jealousy. If you lived in Australia, you could walk out your front door, jump on the back of the first passing kangaroo and hop on down to the Special Vehicles wing of your local Holden dealer where the friendly (g'day) salesbloke will sell you a 407 horsepower 'camino. Not angry yet? The automatic transmission is optional and costs extra. Grrrrr! Sure the styling is less Mad Max than Georges Pompidou, but who cares? Sub-5 second factory car/trucks are the very fabric of dreams, 'camino dreams. How did Australia become heaven on earth again? [via Motor Authority]


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Wow, how's that for juxtaposition? Pompidou and a ute—very creative, though I think you mean Centre Pompidou (designed by a bunch of Brits, incidentally), not le President.