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How You'd Option Your 2015 Chevrolet Colorado

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You've been clamoring for a new small pickup truck for ages. Now the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado is almost here, and the online configurator is finally live. Even if the new "mid-sized" isn't as compact as it used to be, is there a setup this truck you could get behind?


My pick is this longbed rear-drive work truck with a 2.5 four-banger hooked up to a six-speed stick. If the V6 is pulling 21 MPG, I have high hopes for the smaller engine. Really dig that Brownstone Metallic color, too. The color-matching appearance upgrade and bedload of GM's "GearOn" factory racks pushed the price to just shy of $25,000.


A bare-bones base model starts at about $21,000, while a range-topping Z71 gets close to $40,000 with all the options ticked.

You can build your own 2015 Chevy Colorado right here. Set one up and share it in the comments!

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Reserve Parachute

Seems like I overdid it with the earth tones in the interior..