How Would You Spec Your Porsche 718 Boxster Or Cayman?

The new 718 Boxster and Cayman models lose the wonderful naturally aspirated flat-six, but gain a pretty gnarly turbocharged boxer four. That means more power at a lower price. The configurator is up for both models; what does yours look like?

There is a temptation among us to immediately click the most powerful model in the lineup. Of course, I wouldn’t complain if someone handed me the keys to an S trimmed Porsche with no financial obligation. However, with the new turbocharged four-cylinder engine, I really think there is a ton of value (relatively speaking for Porsche) in the base model cars.


I’ll take a 718 Cayman, because I don’t do convertibles. Unlike my fantasy 911 builds that I know I’ll never afford unless I win the lottery, the Cayman could be within a reasonable striking distance of my budget. My objective with this exercise was to configure the most “affordable” car I could, while still getting a few options.

I went with a base Cayman, in GT silver, with manual transmission and the black/chalk interior leather so it is not just a sea of black inside. I added the Xenon lights, adaptive suspension, and torque vectoring. I also deleted the model designation because I don’t want too many words on the back of my car.


The car totals out at a fairly reasonable $60,310. That’s over twice the price of my GTI, but $30,000 less than a base 911. Seems like a bargain to me.

Drop whatever you are doing that is actually important, and go build your 718.

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