Racing video games have gotten more realistic over the years, but there's still something about them all that feels a little too fake. How can that be fixed?

Today, we see the release of the XBOX One, and with it, Forza Motorsport 5, the first next gen racing game. It looks beautiful and is a ton of fun to play. Turn 10 has incorporated a ton of new features to make racers feel closer to cars than ever before, like the ability to walk around your car and get in. Damage has also taken a big step forward and haptics in the controller provide a new level of feedback.


We're almost there.

But tech can only go so far. And while Turn 10 has done a truly amazing job on the latest racing game, we aren't quite at the level where you don't realize you're playing a video game. How can that change? What features do future racing games need to become even more immersive than new games like Forza 5 already are?

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