A few years from now, civilization has come to an end. The environment has been ruined. Even the most basic resources are scarce. Law and order come from the barrel of a gun. Elon Musk, Donald Trump and the other important world leaders have absconded to Mars, leaving us here to rot. And you need a ride.

When the apocalypse comes, how will you maintain your car?

I think about the apocalypse a lot because driving around in a Mad Max’ed out Subaru wagon killing zombies and/or wasteland brigands beats the hell out of working and paying off my student loans. I actually welcome it. But we need to be prepared for it, and that’s our question of the day.

How will you keep your car running then the world ends? I won’t go too far in defining the terms of this apocalypse. Let’s just assume that the most basic amenities and comforts we have now — electricity, fuel, food, water, even tools — are hard to find and it’s dog-eat-dog out there. Sometimes literally.

What do you do to your ride and how do you keep it in good working order?

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