How Well Does a Ford 302 Fit a Volvo 240?

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It fits just fine! When you last saw it, our quest to build a car for the 24 Hours of LeMons race was at the "tear stuff out of the car" phase. Now we're at the point at which we can think about getting our 200,000-mile 302 into the Volvo's engine compartment. The Chevy or Ford V8 in a Volvo 200 series is a fairly common swap, so we figured it wouldn't be too tough... but we all breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing how much room we had to work with. Now it's just a matter of fabricating engine mounts and, oh, about a thousand other things.

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Raphael Orlove

@Murilee Martin: Vielen Dank. When I'm tearing shit up sideways in the middle of nowhere near Sactown, I wanted to know when I hit the redline. Know any good roads near there? The Delta seems full of cool turns, but they're all on levees and going a bit over your limits of skill means either flying into a pear orchard or into the river.