How To Win At Landscaping: Add A Mini Bike Track

I can’t believe the likes of Better Homes and Gardens or Lawn Gnomes Quarterly haven’t picked up on this yet, but 2017 IMSA champ Jordan Taylor has stumbled upon the ultimate killer landscaping trick. Any yard can be improved substantially by adding a mini dirt bike track.


Before, Taylor’s lawn was nice, but mundane. Anyone can pull off a lush carpet of green grass next to the water, you know?

But then, Taylor made his yard spectacular and functional, providing he and his buddies a place to ride their diminutive pit vehicles while those racing pits are closed for the winter off-season. Even his dog Fonzie gets a kick out of it.


Look, I don’t care about how fresh the blooms on your whatsitsdulas are, this right here is what makes a great yard. Can you hoon your rare snooty trees, once-native to your region and plentiful but affected by invasive species and disease? Or your neighborhood’s only moss imported from Saskatoon? Nah.

But you can hoon a dirt bike track. Garden clubs, up your game.

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