I think the show cars from SEMA only really work when they go all-in. The ridiculous shaggin' wagon and sword-filled concepts from Scion? You're doing it right! The ultra-conservative paint jobs on the Chevrolet cars? You're doing it wrong!

And now KISS' Paul Stanley has gone and made the normally-striking Corvette Stingray rather hideous thanks to an unappealing two-tone paint job and a bright chrome chicken wire grille. This SEMA was a real swing and a miss from the General this year, I'm afraid.

See, normally a KISS-themed Corvette Stingray could be awesome. You just have to go all in. What if it was black and white and covered in stars and spikes and shit, and had an enormous tongue sticking out the front? I could get behind that. But this is just kind of a mess.


From a GM press release:

"This car is undeniable in terms of its aesthetics," said Paul Stanley. "And it is also a world-class piece of machinery."

Well, he got the second part right.