(Photo Credit: NIco Rosberg/Facebook screengrab)

Mercedes F1 racer Nico Rosberg is your 2016 Formula One Driverā€™s Champion. How did he get there? Inherent skills, supportive parents with deep pockets, and probably growing up with this garage full of kid-sized racing karts. This glimpse of Rosbergā€™s childhood will give you a clue as to why heā€™s so damn good at driving.

In honor of his epic victory over the weekend Rosberg posted this cut of himself as a little rascal hanging out with his father. In spite of the weirdly romantic music, itā€™s actually really cute. Itā€™s also going to crush your dreams of winning an F1 championship if youā€™re not a tiny kid training under an actual champion driver already.

F1 fans will of course know that Nicoā€™s dad Keke didnā€™t just have this go-kart track for laughs. The elder Rosberg was a successful F1 pilot himself from the late 1970s through the ā€˜80s. Heā€™s got a notepad, for goodnessā€™ sake.

My old man took me go-karting too, but obviously not often enough. If only heā€™d taken notes Iā€™d be wearing a wreath and drinking out of sweaty shoes right now!

We canā€™t all grow up to be racing champs but hereā€™s hoping your family had some positive influence on the way you turned out. Or at least that this vid gets your mind right after getting cabin feverā€™d with the fam over the holiday weekend.