How To Raise Your Kids To Be Racing Champions

(Photo Credit: NIco Rosberg/Facebook screengrab)
(Photo Credit: NIco Rosberg/Facebook screengrab)

Mercedes F1 racer Nico Rosberg is your 2016 Formula One Driver’s Champion. How did he get there? Inherent skills, supportive parents with deep pockets, and probably growing up with this garage full of kid-sized racing karts. This glimpse of Rosberg’s childhood will give you a clue as to why he’s so damn good at driving.

In honor of his epic victory over the weekend Rosberg posted this cut of himself as a little rascal hanging out with his father. In spite of the weirdly romantic music, it’s actually really cute. It’s also going to crush your dreams of winning an F1 championship if you’re not a tiny kid training under an actual champion driver already.


F1 fans will of course know that Nico’s dad Keke didn’t just have this go-kart track for laughs. The elder Rosberg was a successful F1 pilot himself from the late 1970s through the ‘80s. He’s got a notepad, for goodness’ sake.

My old man took me go-karting too, but obviously not often enough. If only he’d taken notes I’d be wearing a wreath and drinking out of sweaty shoes right now!


We can’t all grow up to be racing champs but here’s hoping your family had some positive influence on the way you turned out. Or at least that this vid gets your mind right after getting cabin fever’d with the fam over the holiday weekend.

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Kids arent really born with inherent skills (unless undeveloped/disabled in someway that might effect a particular skill) - its just access to resources and time. Not many poor kids in F1.