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How to mount a bike to your Ferrari convertible

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Can you eat your cake and have it, too? Can you drive your Ferrari F355 convertible for half the day, then, effortlessly, switch over to a bike despite having no roof or trunk on which to mount it? If you're this enterprising driver the answer is "rich people can make anything happen."

Austin-based car spy Autovoyeur captured this fine specimen of a Ferrari hanging out in a parking garage with a bike hanging out from it.


Click through the gallery to see how he did it.


The trick is a small mount on the rear engine cover for the bike's rear tire and an ingenious mount attached to the rails of the passenger seat headrest for the front fork of the bike. We're guessing the tire probably goes with the owner.

There's no reason why this layout wouldn't work for anyone who has a bike and a convertible, although a rear/mid-engined car likely works better.


Frankly, if you ask us, we think it's rather ingenious.