Have you been jonesin' for a new Toyota GT-86? Can you wait no longer to get your hands on the diminutive sports car? Well, your troubles are over, if your raging desire for Japanese automotive fun can be assuaged by a very detailed paper model Der Spiegel found on the internet.

With about 50 cut-out parts, you can glue tabbed panels โ€” and your dreams โ€” together to create a miniature GT-86. The finished product, if assembled with the Der Spiegel staff's Teutonic precision, is really pretty nice, even if it lacks the engine revving gusto of the real thing.

The only real drawback, other than the fact that you can't drift in it, is that the instructions are in Japanese. But on the plus side, it's much less expensive than a hunk of steel shaped by Toyota's sons of the rising sun.

Photo Credit: Der Spiegel