Want to retrofit an iPad in place of your Mustang's stock Sync-ified infotainment console? You'll need to relocate Sync to the ceiling, but with some basic carpentry skills the install is surprisingly easy.

These modifications were carried out by 5th Stang, a member of The Mustang Source forum. When he ordered his 5.0, he spec'd the navigation package, but when the car showed up, no Nav screen! The simple answer wasn't to try and get an all-new car or settle for a TomTom, instead, he set out to install a 3G iPad with the added benefit of bringing streaming music, email and other features along with basic navigation. Plus, it kind of makes his ‘Stang look like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

Here's how he did it:

1. Remove the stock HVAC, stereo and Sync controls, extend their wires along the same path as the dome light into the headliner and re-install them in a custom upholstered wood box anchored to the vehicle's roof with a metal bracket.


2. Emotionally deal with losing the CD player. the drive is too large to reposition to the roof and the iPad will block it in its existing location.


3. Fill the huge gap left in the center console with two layers of opaque plexiglass. In the top layer, cut a hole sized to fit the iPad.

4. Wire up the iPad dock for power and to the Aux-in stereo input.


5. Install double-sided velcro on the back of the iPad and in the plexi cutout.

6. Profit.

5th Stang reports that Netflix streaming works great over 3G in the car and that, for security, he carries a black towel to hang over the iPad if he has to park on the street.


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