How To Hang Out With Jalopnik At The 2015 Dakar Rally

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Sorry to say we don't have the budget to fly you down here for the 2015 Dakar Rally, but for all you superfans (hi mom) here's how to track me and the Outback Adventure Treks expedition within three meters of accuracy as our nine-motorcycle two-truck squadron follows the race.


Click here to see the last-known positions of the Outback Adventure Treks team, which from January 1st through 9th 2015 represents our Dakar Rally pursuit team.

The race kicked off yesterday, but today will be our first opportunity to get on the sidelines. Since race vehicles move a lot faster than we can and we never get much notice regarding where exactly they'll be, we have to chase on the fly.

To give you an idea of how much hustling that involves, I'll have a SPOT satellite messenger sitting on the dashboard of my support truck beaming location updates into the cloud every few minutes or so. Again; see our live coordinates on the map here, or over at the Outback Adventure Trek's website here.

So stalk us via satellite to hang out in spirit, or come say hello if you're down here. We run communication on UHF channel 10 which I monitor all day; hail me there if you're within range or look for my filthy beard and International Harvester hat around the course!


Meanwhile here's the official rally stage schedule for your reference of what exactly we'll be looking at and here's where to look for broadcasts. For more updates from the sandy sidelines of the 2015 Dakar Rally follow our dedicated Dakar tag page and my feed on Twitter where I'll be posting all kinds of wacky shit I've witnessed here in South America.


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