How To Go To Le Mans In Style

In three months, a swarm of Audis, Corvette C6.R’s and Aston Martins will descend on Le Mans to race against the clock for the 81st time. The 24 hours is the greatest celebration of motor racing and part of the fun is the car you drive there.

At my only visit to the race, in 2007, I saw Sevens, a Jaguar D-Type, TVR’s, all sorts of Porsches, weird JDM Nissans, Spykers, you name it, but nothing as cool and charming as a Volkswagen Bus and a lady in a summer dress, a certain Mrs. G. Cranham.


So what would you drive to Le Mans—and where would you drive it from?

Photo by Gerry Cranham/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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