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How To Get Your Car Ready To Rally

You want to go rallying, but you have no clue how to make that happen. Have no fear, we've the tips you need right here.


This week on AFTER/DRIVE, Mike Spinelli and Leo Parente visit Bill Petrow's Broken Motorsports to see what it takes to prepare a car to be a full on rally racer. This is a fantastic look at just what you need to make sure your car is ready to hit the dirt and/or tarmac when you decide to rally.

Listen up, you amateur rallyist, you.

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Is this part one of a series? Because I didn't get many tips past the roll cage prep. I want more info regarding suspension set-up. How much damping? How much travel? Should most of the travel be on the rebound side or the compression side?

I'll never be able to rally my Voyager van until I fully understand these things.