You know how people talk about the glory days of hot rodding, of wild engine swaps and late night racing all ending in some kind of huge party? Yeah, that's what's going down at East Coast Bash at Englishtown, NJ this weekend.

ECB is the longest-running organized amateur drift meet in the country, but it's still a bit of a hidden gem. A tight little racetrack where cars run well into the night. The top names in Formula Drift going wheel to wheel with locals. A bar right next to the course banking wall. If you've never been, you need to go.


And if you've been before, there's more good news! The track has showers now, so no more hungover hose baths next to pit in balls early in the morning. Bring a bar of soap.

The whole thing starts this Saturday morning, the 24th, keeps running into the night, and keeps going on Sunday the 25th.

The track is Englishtown Raceway in Old Bridge, NJ (their website is right here and it's on Google Maps right here), about an hour south of NYC and an hour north of Philly if you can take the time off of your busy schedule of getting even more tattoos, you dirty Philly punks. The Facebook page for the event is right here and the page for the excellent organizers at Club Loose is right here. Check those out for more info.

Show up in the morning and you'll see basically the best car show in the area for rare imported cars, slammed cars, badass muscle cars, and a very clean Porsche or two. There will also be some asshole in a Baja Bug.


And with a poster like this, you kind of have to be there.

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