Hellcat-killing power in a brand new Ford Mustang GT for less than $40,000 sounds like an amazing deal. And it is! But if you dig a little deeper into one dealer’s offer for an obscenely cheap overpowered Mustang, you may find out there are ways to pay even less for all that power.

According to The Drive, a dealer in Ohio—Lebanon Ford—is advertising a brand new 2016 Mustang GT with a 727 horsepower Roush Phase 2 package for the incredible value of $39,995.

The internet, predictably, lost its collective shit. That much horsepower for that price is a steal! How can they do it?

That is unquestionably a great deal. But there’s probably an even cheaper way to get that much power for your new Mustang.

The MSRP on a base Mustang GT is $33,295, including destination; the cost of the Roush Stage 2 supercharger kit is $7,549. That totals up to a shade under $41k. The nice folks at Lebanon Ford are also including the installation cost in their total price.


Even still, paying almost full price for a new Mustang doesn’t seem all that great, especially once you examine the cost of each element one by one. The first question is how much does it cost to install one of these supercharger kits?

I spoke with Will at the Roush Performance Center in Michigan and asked what the average installation cost would be for a Phase 2 kit.

“We charge $110 an hour, so if a customer were to get it installed at our facility it would be approximately $1400-$1500 with all applicable fees.”


He also said that a Roush-approved Ford dealership should be in the same ballpark for installation.

“Industry standard is about $95-$110 an hour so the installation cost should be pretty comparable at your local Ford dealer.”

I also spoke with a service adviser at a Roush-approved Ford dealership in New Jersey, and he did confirm a ballpark installation cost of around $1,500. That doesn’t seem too bad.


Also, you can buy the kits directly from Roush and they will ship it for free to you or your local installer.

There are several Roush-approved Ford dealerships across the country, so it shouldn’t be too difficult finding one near you.


Given that it is pretty reasonable to acquire and install the Phase 2 supercharger kit, is it possible to get the setup for less than $39,995? Yes it is.

According to TrueCar, the average national discount on a 2016 Mustang GT is around $3,700.


A quick browse on a third party site like Autotrader and you will find plenty of inventory with steeper discounts some with up to $5,750 off the sticker price.

Lebanon Ford is offering a very good deal. But if you shop carefully, and can nab a nice Mustang GT for a hefty discount then add in Phase 2 kit and the installation cost from a Roush approved dealer, you have just upgraded your new Mustang to a Hellcat killer and kept a few thousand more bucks in your pocket.


You are going to need that extra cash for a few sets of tires and of course the inevitable increase in your insurance premiums after a few Cars and Coffee outings.