How To Apocalypse-Proof Your Truck For Sweet Desert Jumps And Still Keep The Kid Seat

Gif: TheHoonigans (YouTube)

Here’s a good way to keep pesky bumps in the road from ruining your day: fit bigger tires! A smattering of take-off parts from desert racing teams doesn’t help, either. Bonus: you can even take your kid along for the ride in this sweet desert 2004 Chevy Silverado prerunner.

Terra Crew’s “Dirt Dad” Danny Gianinni has this 2004 Silverado prerunner built to scope out off-road race courses, complete with a cage, 40-inch tires, meaty Fox shocks and other hardcore dirt mods taken off of trophy trucks that give it more suspension travel and the ability to handle whoops that get carved into the roads. “Bigger tires make smaller holes,” Gianinni says. It’s all powered by a 6.2-liter L9H engine up front.

You can tell how he got the moniker “Dirt Dad” as soon as they open up the back seat and find a child’s car seat riding back there, though.

“Everyone comes for a ride, huh?” asks Hoonigan’s Hert, pointing at the child’s car seat that rides back there. “Honestly, that’s one of my favorite things about off-road guys is that you don’t leave the kids out. The kids are comin’ huckin’.”


Gianinni’s truck is street legal as most rally and rally-adjacent vehicles have to be, so it does everything from Glamis to the morning school run. As it should!

Most importantly, it can do sweet jumps and burnouts—with the whole family. Isn’t that a heartwarming thought to start your day?

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