How The Internet Rallied To Help A Verbally Abused Bus Monitor

Video of a bus monitor in Greece, New York being berated by a bunch of students landed on the Internet yesterday. In just a few minutes this group of kids manages to muster all the insecure cruelty that usually lurks beneath the surface of most preteens and propel it directly at this sad woman.

The monitor, Karen Klein, starts crying as the kids refuse to stop bullying her. It's a terrible moment, but the response by Reddit users and other members of the Internet community was quite the opposite.


So far they've raised $28,000 in seven hours to help send Klein on a vacation and the local media and school board have been alerted. Here's how it all happened.

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore

This cynic in us knows this is only an isolated event of people helping in a cruel world where kids are constantly picked on because of their beliefs, income, race, sexual preference, and type of backpack. Still, in a world full of disappointing human behavior it's nice to highlight some positive actions.


Now let's muster all this energy to help out the people of Syria.

Storify by BenDoernberg

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