How The Hell Does This Happen, Exactly?

Yesterday morning, in Exeter, NH, this happened. Somehow. No one was hurt, and no one really understands just how this Chevy Spark managed to crash so it ended up doing a nose-stand in the snow. Was a giant playing mumbleypeg with it? Did the owner train it to do yoga? Can it do other tricks?

There's a few things we can infer: the density of the snow around the hood and front of the car is clearly strong enough to support the car's weight. The car crashed from Route 101 into the snow, so it wasn't dropped off a tall bridge or anything to get it nose-down and vertical.


My guess is the car ran off the road carrying enough momentum to plow through the snow, packing a solid snow mass in front of it. When that snow mass became too dense for the car to move, it stopped the front of the car, sending the rear upwards. Then, I guess it just stayed there?

I hope the owner decides just to pour cement around the front of the car and leave it there like a little sculpture.

(image courtesy NH State Police)

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