How The Hell Do You Flip A Car Like That?

Here’s a pretty wild Russian dashcam video with a surprisingly informative takeaway about physics and, maybe unsurprisingly, traffic safety.

In this video from Kaliningrad turned up by CarScoops, you can watch as the little silver Toyota Yaris cuts across traffic, zips in to an open lane, then crashes into another car pulling into its lane.


Amazingly, the tippy, tall Yaris catches the other car with its corner and flips.

It’s wild that the car could flip at such low speeds (not that I would call that a surprise to me), but it’s a good demonstration of what people who rail against low speed limits talk about all the time. The real danger on the road is not high speed, it’s high differences in speeds between cars.

When everyone is driving a very different speed, that’s when you get accidents.

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Raphael Orlove

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