How The Hell Did This Wreck Happen, Exactly?

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First, let me say that, according to witnesses, everyone is okay. That should give me the leeway to comfortably say, damn, that is one impressive wreck. What, exactly, do you have to be doing in a Camaro to perch it so delightfully precariously on top of a Subaru? I mean, just look at that. Was the guy who runs physics on a bathroom break?


This dazzling wreck just happened tonight in Maryville, Tennessee, just before sunset, in a parking lot. The Subaru was parked, the owner in a store, when the Camaro driver somehow decided that the Subaru would look really fetching in a full-size Camaro hat.


It’s not yet clear just how the Chevy pilot managed to get his car aloft and onto the Subie, but the driver was able to get out of the car and hop down, presumably to appreciate his achievement.

The Subaru owner’s thoughts are not yet known, but if the owner decided to use that Will Farrell/I’m not even mad meme, most people would find that exceedingly appropriate. Here, I’ll even include the GIF for you here, damaged-roof Subaru-owner:


I’m sure speed had to be some sort of factor here. Maybe even a bit of overconfidence? A misplaced trampoline? Flubber spill? Who the hell knows.

Regardless, remarkable wreck.

(thanks, DrStrangegun!)

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