How The Hell Did This Happen?

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If there’s one great thing about Porsche’s numerous Carrera Cup series, it’s the close racing that comes from having everyone in the same car. For Joffrey De Narda at today’s Carrera Cup France race, perhaps it was a bit too close, as Jules Gounon’s 911 ramped right onto the roof of his 911.

At the start of Race 2 for the weekend, a big melee on track pushed Gounon’s 911 up and over the nose of De Narda’s. According to Endurance-Info, this incident not only made the most bizarre Leaning Tower of Porsche I’ve ever seen, but it happened on the first lap of the race, bringing out a red flag almost immediately.


Here are some other views of this surreal Porsche-on-Porsche stack. Naturally, recovery efforts had to be extra delicate, so as not to have the car balanced on top fall off as the drivers got out.

If all else fails, the World Endurance Championship pointed out that this is very similar to how they ship their cars. Make sure you secure the cars on top of each other with plenty of duct tape and voilà! You’ve got yourself a two-for-one Carrera Cup shipping deal on the cheap. Red Green wouldn’t have it any other way.

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