How the Hell Are We Supposed to Pronounce the Lotus Evija?

So far, 2019 has been a great year for cars. At least, a great year for expensive aspirational machines like the Lotus Evija that cost about a bajillion dollars. But who’s counting! On the other hand, it has decidedly not been a great year for poor Rich Energy, the embattled former Formula One sponsor and shady would-be energy drink empire.


On this week’s episode of Car Time, a teen such as myself, Justin Westbrook, and my colleague, Aaron Brown (a fellow teen), speak at some length about the woes of Rich Energy, now renamed to Lightning Volt Limited.

If you haven’t been following along with the weird and bizarre saga of Rich Energy, I highly encourage you to do so. I don’t care about Formula One in the slightest and even I ate this story up. It didn’t even take place on the track!


And, yes, Lotus is back with a new car. The Evija is the first one in about 10 years or so and the inaugural car under Lotus’s new Geely ownership. It’s all-electric, has about 2,000 horsepower and looks righteous. Oh, also it’ll cost about $2 million. Chump change, if you ask me.

The only thing about it is the name, which is not pronounced the way it looks like it’s supposed to be pronounced. I’ve been running around calling it the “Eh-vee-jah,” but this is incorrect, apparently. It’s supposed to be the “eh-VAI-yah,” which begs the question of what business an English company has with making Js silent anyway.

Take a watch!

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Evija is a word that sounds dirty but isn’t. eg: pupusa, spatchcock, angina, cumquat.